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Crimson Spear works to build a diversified portfolio comprised of high-quality assets. Our company also strives to create a healthy work environment and promote a sense of community. Through hard work and smart planning, we aim to deliver products and services that have a positive impact on all generations.



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Our founder is an advocate for education and its lasting impact. He seeks to promote his vision by awarding scholarships and providing mentoring for qualified recipients. Every applicant must go through a series of interviews and background verification to complete the process. If candidates meet all requirements, Crimson Spear will grant adequate funding to cover their education expenses.

 “Education is the key to a better future. More importantly, however, is knowing its true purpose.”

Thanksgiving Dinner
Crimson Spear values the true meaning of Thanksgiving. An opportunity to share our gratitude among family and friends. For this reason, during the holidays, our once-a-year community outreach focuses on providing meals for those who need it most. Through sharing, we aspire to bring joy to households during a time of need.